When I first met Aditya at a Taal Inc. event about 4 years ago, I thought he was a kid right out of college looking for an internship.About an hour later, I saw him matching the beats of the djembe with Varun on stage. I was blown away by how he played that night. Now, many moons later, I caught up with him for our next Vlog. In this delightful and not so interview-y interview, we discussed how the Djembe impacted his life, his experience of being the youngest TTMDA djembe instructor in India and how he is managing to take up covid-complaint Djembe Classes with Taal Inc. 

Do give this vlog a watch to get to know Aditya little better and to know why/how taal inc. djembe classes are a unique experience for anyone. 

The most insightful bit for me from this little conversation I had with Aditya was how a Djembe is not just a music instrument but a portal to west african culture. It was also awe-inspiring for me to understand the tremendous positive and uplifting effects of djembe on one’s physical, mental and emotional well being. No wonder why it’s been around for hundreds of years as one of the most important community building mediums for tribals and now, fortunately for us urbanites as well. 

The next time you play a djembe, make sure to close your eyes and feel the rush in your body, calm in your mind and hundreds of years of musical traditions in your intellect. 

Until we meet again.
-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator