Drum Circles to Motivate your Team

Have you ever watched a play? Any sports? I’m sure you’ve watched a lot of movies at least. 

What’s common between all these and Taal Inc. Drum Circles? It is the hours of preparation, hard work of a solid team and months and years of learning, failing, unlearning and relearning. So in this piece, we thought it’ll be a good idea to give you a little sneak peak into what goes on backstage before and during every Taal Inc. Drum Circle.

On the day of the event or sometimes a couple of days prior, our amazing backend team starts to make sure that the drums are tuned and in perfect condition. Then comes the task of packaging and loading(and sometimes transporting if the event is in another city) which sometimes takes upto a full day depending on the number of instruments needed. On the other hand, the facilitator’s soon as they get the confirmation and brief, they get to another essential part of preparation and Taal Inc’s signature, customisation of the session. The customisation ensures that each session is tailor made to fit the objective and need of the client hence, no two Taal Inc. sessions are the same. If the session is something that requires Team Building Activities In Pune or elsewhere the preparations for the facilitator is completely different from a Drum Circle Therapy session or a Wedding Drum Circle and same goes for all the other kinds of drum circles. 

Upon reaching the venue, while our backend team makes sure that the setup for each session is perfect by making sure that we have the right kind of chairs, checking the mics and speakers and most importantly in recent times, that all the chairs and drums are sanitised and everyone is following the necessary covid protocols for a Covid Compliant Drum Circle experience, the facilitator meets the client for a final discussion before the session starts to make sure that they weave in any last moment requests or requirements to give the drum circle as personal a touch as possible. 

And all this is just what happens on the day of the event, but lest we forget, the ups and downs, the countless hours each facilitator has given to learn and master this craft, the years of experience that makes sure every session is special and the immense hard work and dedication of the backend team, just to make sure that you.. Yes you, have a great drum circle to remember for life. 

Here’s a video of me giving you a tiny sneak peek of behind the scenes of a Taal Inc. Drum Circle :

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.