Varun Venkit Leading a Taal Inc Corporate Drum Circle

The Taal Inc. Logo was developed by the amazingly talented artist Nikhil More based on a brief I gave him way back in 2009. He asked me for photos of my hand in the position of playing a djembe or a drum and next thing I knew, there was the Taal Inc. logo as we know it today. It actually took me a while to read that the hands spelled the word ‘Taal’. But once one sees it, it can’t be undone. Did you know that the Taal Inc. colours all stand for something? Yellow, orange, red and purple, in this blog series, we will break that down one by one…

Employee Engagement with Team Building Drumming Workshops

Colour: Purple – Corporate Drum Circles & Team Building Events through Group Drumming: As ‘work from home’, ‘virtual team meetings’ and ‘working at 50% in-person capacity’ become the new norm, we are gradually picking up from where we left off a year ago. As a human race, we have endured a lot worse and have emerged victorious. With the national scale vaccination drive underway, this phase shall continue to demand our best so that we reach our goal of a covid-free India while ensuring that our work & workforce are happy & healthy through the process. That’s where Taal Inc. Team Building, Taal Inc Drum Circles and Taal Inc. Corporate Events come in…

It is now more than ever that we need to acknowledge & emphasize the importance of a team and a common goal. We may now be less physically connected with our colleagues which may give rise to a certain sense of being detached. So, whether it is through online group drumming sessions (or as we call it – the Taal Inc. Online Junk Percussion Jam) or covid-compliant in-person sessions; the need for intermittent and ongoing corporate team building sessions is real!

Not enough can be said about the importance of mental health awareness building and about providing opportunities for employees to reach out to trained and competent mental health practitioners. We at Taal Inc. have a team of expert psychologists, counsellors and expressive art therapy practitioners who will be on call for your workforce, team or employees for a pre-decided amount of time. Ongoing research and our experience in this field has shown us results that point toward one thing: ‘Mental Health Matters’. The medicine that we prescribe for this is ‘Art’. We use the mediums of drumming, visual art, creative movement, expressive art and music therapy activities. This helps us address these mental health issues by reaching to it’s emotional cause / trigger through a process that is non-judgemental, creative and unique.

Reach out to us to provide you and your company with a yearly calendar of employee engagement activities and team building events. Our list of activities include group drumming, drum circles, boomwhacker sessions, expressive art therapy activities, mindfulness, yoga based activities, visual art, creative movement sessions and a whole lot more…

Our aim is to serve you with art-based experiences that will remind you and your employees about being a part of one team, being a part something larger than themselves and something that is moving toward a common goal. We’re sure that these anchors will help percolate the feeling of oneness, unity and motivation; all ingredients needed for a successful enterprise. Why? Because we are stronger together and Taal Inc. brings people together.

Come. Drum. Be One.
Varun Venkit