Taal Inc. Junk Percussion Drum Circle led by Varun Venkit

The Taal Inc. Logo was developed by the amazingly talented artist Nikhil More based on a brief I gave him way back in 2009. He asked me for photos of my hand in the position of playing a djembe or a drum and next thing I knew, there was the Taal Inc. logo as we know it today. It actually took me a while to read that the hands spelled the word ‘Taal’. But once one sees it, it can’t be undone. Did you know that the Taal Inc. colours all stand for something? Yellow, orange, red and purple, in this blog series, we will break that down one by one.

Make a Customized Company Song with Taal Inc
Make a band with your Employees: Taal Inc. Junk Percussion Ensemble

Colour: Orange – Bespoke Interactive Entertainment Events: Where team Taal Inc. works with Event Management Companies to put together some customised events for audience engagement and interactive entertainment corporate drumming activities.

Taal Inc. has the potential to fit into any special or customised corporate or private event. Why? Because where there are people, there is the possibility of group drumming, audience interaction and audience engagement activities. This gave rise to the interactive entertainment concept. Gone are the days when the audience sits only idle while a group of artists perform on stage. Taal Inc. facilitators aim to bring the participant closer to the stage and bridge the gap between audience and performer. Hence, whether it’s a product launch, a conference starter or finisher, an expo of a range of products, or an annual meet, Taal Inc. is your one-stop shop. We can use materials specific to your event or theme and make the interactive drumming event more relevant to your brand or product. This activity will be a great way to break the ice and set the mood for the rest of the activities planned as a part of your corporate event.

We’ve drummed on auto-junk parts at the Auto Expo, we’ve drummed after making and using brand-specific musical instruments, created exclusive brand jingles (built an audio identity) and unveiled the same as a part of our interactive music making or corporate drum circle) activity and much more.

The bottom line is, we love what we do and are happy to explore how our passion for audience interaction and team engagement activities will help make your corporate events more fun and memorable. We will make sure to leave the group happier, more rhythmic and charged at the end of a Taal Inc. Bespoke Event. If you are an event management company that is looking for a new concept to pitch to a potential client, call us and let us work together to create a niche in the market of group rhythm or team engagement interaction activities for corporates or private groups.

Come. Drum. Be One.

Varun Venkit