Taal Inc. Art Talks: Ongoing Drum Circles for special groups with a Behavioural Objective

The Taal Inc. Logo was developed by the amazingly talented artist Nikhil More based on a brief I gave him way back in 2009. He asked me for photos of my hand in the position of playing djembe or a drum and the next thing I knew, there was the Taal Inc. logo as we know it today. It actually took me a while to read that the hands spelled the word ‘Taal’. But once one sees it, it can’t be undone. Did you know that the Taal Inc. colors all stand for something? Yellow, orange, red, and purple, in this blog series, we will break that down one by one…

Neha Oswal and Anshu Kering leading a Taal Inc. School Drum Circle

Colour: Yellow – Art Talks: Ongoing expressive art therapy sessions for special needs groups using CSR funds

At the core of Taal Inc., is the idea that music, rhythm, and the arts are primarily therapeutic and therapy activities. The arts have a strong potential of bringing people together, facilitating catharsis, and giving rise to a feeling of being in the ‘here and now’. This is the single most powerful aspect of group drumming with a strong non-musical (i.e behavioral goal). Let me introduce you to ‘Art Talks’. Taal Inc. Art Talks is our customized long-term, an art-based module with special groups. These groups are as bright as the sun and would have otherwise not had the chance to indulge in the arts just for the sake of self-expression and healing. To help us mobilize such art therapy modules for special-needs groups, we depend on company CSR funds with a strong inclination to support mental health awareness initiatives.

Bring out your child's true potential through Taal Inc. Art Talks

At first, the group is analysed to determine the behavioural goals (and parameters / indicators for measurement) that need to be worked on. Then these sessions are conceptualised, an ideal time frame and frequency is agreed upon and off we go. Some of the group we have used drum circles, interactive music making, creative movement, visual art therapy, story circles, expressive arts therapy are: special needs groups such as children with autism or learning disabilities, geriatric groups, clinical groups such as people living with oncology issues, children from difficult social and economical backgrounds, children in retention centres, adult and minor women in sex work, children and adults with visual impediments.

Sheetal Jain leading an Art Talks Session

After over 15 years of working with various groups and documented academic research, we know that artworks! When used in a complementary manner with traditional medical approaches, one can truly take surefooted steps toward the holistic healing of the individual or the group. If you are an institution that works with special groups or if you are a company HR / CSR head who would like to deploy long term art-based interventions for such groups to positively influence health and wellbeing using the arts, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to set up a meeting with you to take this further and make it a reality.

Come. Drum. Be One.

Varun Venkit