Corporate Drum Jamming

2020 has been a strange year while on one hand it wreaked havoc with the pandemic followed by the many personal,social and mental damage it caused and on the other hand, it’s leaving us more connected to people we love, it has equipped us with many new skills and memories. We’ve had many lovely corporate drumming events, employee engagement activities, team drum circles, wedding drumming events, group drumming at college festivals but we’ve also seen a lot of that work dry up in the blink of an eye as the nation went into lockdown. It’s easier to remember sufferings and feel arrested by them  but gratitude is one way that lets us stick with the good instead and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.We choose to remember all the good this year has given us, so each of us at Taal Inc. decided to pen down our thoughts and express gratitude for the year by sharing our most memorable moments from this year and also our aspirations and intentions for the year to come.

While pondering over the year that 2020 was, Akshata Parekh says “ My most memorable 2020 Drum circle was the first community Drum Circle we managed to do post lockdown. Even though  I was there as a co-facilitator It was a magical sight to see people coming together, communities coming together after months of staying locked in their houses. One of the most enriching moments of the session was seeing how there were no words spoken, but there was still so much expression of joy, of meeting people, to sit with 20-30 people after months and connect, communicate and bond with known and unknown people alike through the medium of drums. That’ll hands down be my most memorable drum circle of 2020.” 

Talking about her intentions for 2020 she adds, “I feel done with covid, I want to be a part of a lot more social gatherings, meet more friends, go for coffee, all of it without a worry in the world but most importantly, I’d like to  bring communities together with the use of arts and drumming.”

Speaking about my personal experience, my most memorable 2020 drum circle will be the Community Drum Circle of January. It was a fine winter morning and we had a great bunch of enthusiastic drummers, some old and some new. Among them was one lady, probably in her mid 30s. She seemed to be enjoying the drumming, I could say that by seeing a contented smile on her face but half way through the session, when I looked towards her, I saw her weeping and her friend next to her was trying to console her. Now, my first reaction generally would be to go to her and ask if she’s alright but when I saw her playing drums without stopping for once, I decided otherwise and requested her friend also to let her be as I could see that the tears were of a feeling that is unparalleled, the experience of music healing you. When the session got over, she came to me, thanked me and said, ‘ This healed a part of me I didn’t even know needed healing.’ And that for me became one of the most memorable moments of not just 2020 but of all the Drum Circles I’ve facilitated over the years.

For me, this year will be an experience equivalent to a roller coaster ride, one that I’ll remember forever and probably tell stories of it to coming generations. But most importantly, I and all of us at Taal Inc. will be grateful for it. Farewell 2020!

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator