Birthday Drum Circles by Anshu Kering from Taal Inc.

January is a month of gratitude and setting new expectations and aspirations and we at Taal Inc. are making the most of it. All our facilitators and teachers are making sure that they are filled with gratitude for the year that’s gone and laden with new hopes and aspirations for the one in front of us. 

Taking the baton from Aditya and Neha from the previous blog, Anshu shares her moments of gratitude as a Taal Inc. facilitator. She goes on to say:

My most memorable Taal Inc. Drum Circle has to be the one at Fergusson college. I have studied in Fergusson college for 5 years and that place will always hold a very special place in my heart… My most memorable was a college drum circle in FC for the psychology department during the college fest ‘Psy Fi’  in the ever famous Kimaya. I felt empowered & grateful to be able to become someone & do something to give back to the place & the people who have had such a great contribution in making me who I am. My teachers and juniors as participants & the ability to give them an experience full of Joy, learning and living through what we read and study in our textbooks was the highlight of my facilitation experience. Fergusson college also happens to be the place where I met Varun for the first time (as a participant of the session he was leading) and from there on started my fascination with becoming a facilitator with Taal Inc.

It’s wonderful how two people feel gratitude for similar experiences and that makes them even more aligned to the medium and each other. Here, Buneshte shares her most memorable moment with Taal Inc. In her words:

I have to piggyback on Anshu and say my most memorable moment was when I went back to SCLA (Symbiosis Centre for Liberal Arts) to teach the West African djembe class! The body percussion exercises, the music theory classes and the moment that the students played populaire in sync was such a joy to witness! It felt like I came full circle from a student of the same course which was originally taught by Varun, to becoming an instructor, and yet I realized that my journey was just beginning… 

Taking a ride on the Taal Inc. gratitude wagon, Pooja shares something close to her heart and made her realise something important which is that One is not a small number, one is the first number of many beginnings. She says:

The most memorable moment was when I started taking Taal Inc. Kids In Rhythm classes at Baner office and there was only one kid who enrolled. Initially I used to think how I would manage to take activities with one kid as I have always worked with a group. 

As I started with it, it made me realise that even one single person or kid can make a huge difference if you’re confident and enjoying the activity. 

My energy level was needed to keep one kid going on and I made sure that it was there with all my good intentions. 

And with that, we conclude our gratitude series. We hope it gave you hope, inspired you and made you feel overwhelmed with joy about things, people and experiences you’ve had in abundance. We hope to see you soon in one of our sessions and give you more reasons to be grateful.

-Aman Joshi

Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.