Taal Inc. loves the city of Bangalore. Apart from the amazing street food to mouthwatering filter coffee, the city has a bustling music scene, a charged IT workforce usually working high-stress jobs. This is where Taal Inc. Drum Circles in Bangalore, come in… It is a part of our vision to offer quality group drumming events everywhere we go. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve conducted many Djembe Workshops, Train the Trainer Programs in Bangalore not to forget corporate Drum Circles in Bangalore as well.  Here are five reasons why your drum Circles in Bangalore are better with Taal Inc.:

  1. Experienced and certified Facilitators
    We’ve come a long way since I had to work very hard to explain to blank and bewildered faces, what a drum circle is, to today’s imitator-filled market where everyone is a self-proclaimed drum circle facilitator. What this means is that the concept and this medium works. Drum Circles work! I’ve run a course to train drum circle facilitators for 8 years and counting. This course is called the Taal Inc. ‘Find Your Inner Rhythm Intensive Course’ and trains the student how to lead groups using rhythm and become a drum circle facilitator. All of the facilitators at Taal Inc. today have successfully completed this course. In addition to this each of the facilitators has a psychology background which gives them the right knowledge base to understand human behaviour and work well with people. This sets Taal Inc. Facilitators apart from the rest due to the immense emphasis laid on training, content of the session, non-musical takeaways and behavioural objectives of the session. The facilitator team has a collective experience of over 25 years. We draw upon this experience, case studies, psychology, leadership, organizational behaviour theories to help powerfully communicate a pre decided objective of the session to the participants. 
  2. High Quality & Hygienic Instruments
    Thanks to my experience of professionally playing drums and percussion for over 25 years I have collected this knowledge to procure the best and most effective instruments to use at a Taal Inc Drum Circles Bangalore We mainly use 6”- 8” diameter  wooden djembes or 8” fibre djembes. I’ve ensured to experiment and work with the djembe makers personally before settling on the specifications of each of these drums. These djembes are easy to hold and play. In addition to this, we use bass drums of varying sizes made out of wood or metal. We’ve got a host of mixed percussion instruments that we carry. These are smaller but equally important from the sound spectrum perspective and comprise: boomwhackers, tambourines, shakers, wood blocks, frame drums, junk percussion sounds, racket drums and more. Whenever we can, we carry our Meinl VivaRhythm series of drum circle instruments which stand out because of their unique black + orange colour and vibrant sounds. So happy to be able to work with them as their brand ambassador in India. Each of these instruments help bring out the best rhythms and epiphanies for the participants. 
  3. Inclusive Environment
    This could single handedly be the most important factor of a drum circle. Many times, I’ve noticed that people mistake this activity as a ‘performance’ where there is a person on stage, surrounded by a huge array of instruments or a large group of drummers on a stage and is/are playing for, at and sometimes with the audience trying to keep up. As impressive as this may look, it may be taking away from the actual core experience of a corporate training drum circle with a behavoiural takeaway. The main point is ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Non-Judgement’. The idea is to create a space where the participants themselves can feel like ‘The Rockstars’ of the session. This is our goal, to unleash the true potential of the group and direct the spotlight to the group as opposed to the self. 
  4. Opportunities for Self-Realization, Learning and Growth
    This is linked with the point above. Provided one has set a safe, welcoming and non-judgemental space, that gives way for the most important kind of learning: one that comes from within. We’ve all had our fair share of modeled and doctored answers. The true magic of a Taal Inc. Team Building Drum Circle is that it elicits genuine response. There really isn’t time to think and prepare your answer too much. The drumming activity occupies your conscious mind with a complex motor coordination activity while the subconscious mind (which is where all our latent potential is stored) is now ready to be accessed. This is the reason why you see drummers ‘lose themselves’ while drumming at processions or over a long period of time. They have accessed a state of ‘Flow’. This is what we try to bring to the participants of a Taal Inc. Training Drum CIrcle each and every single time. 
  5. Community Building & Self Care
    I’m taking the liberty of clubbing these two points together. Once the participants have had a taste of the power of a drum circle and what it can do for the self, it begins a chain reaction. One wants to keep associating with drumming or rhythmic activities. This leads to taking up a hobby which we may have put on the backburner for a very long time. I.e: starting a drum kit or djembe class or participating in the yearly festival drumming processions that take place in each locality. We start acknowledging the importance of plugging out of our screens, devices and plugging to ourselves (into our limitless reservoirs of potential that we had a taste of during our first Taal Inc. Drum Circles in Bangalore

The bottom line is that today we live in a world of choice. You can choose the decent option, the economic option or the good option. But with Taal Inc. we can assure you that it will be the best option with respect to experience, satisfaction, takeaways and memories for a lifetime. I look forward to sharing my world of drumming with you. When will you be a part of a Taal Inc. Drum Circle? When will you let Taal into your lives?

Come. Drum. Be One. 

Varun Venkit