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We’re now very familiar that drum circles help as team building activities and complement corporate training sessions. Many companies now sell group drumming in a way that makes you feel that this activity IS the key to bringing your team together. Is it? Here are a few hints to know if it is and a few tips to follow to actually make sure the team building events for work, actually work!

Despite the magical and (many-a-time) very-convincing premise, that a single corporate drum circle activity will make your team more cohesive and better functioning; unless there is some sort of session-customisation or post session follow up, this team drumming activity might end up becoming just another activity which was ‘fun’ for everyone.

YES, Drum Circles are fun YES. they are one of the best team engaging activities. YES, you can forget all that was bothering you for a while and leave you on a natural high. BUT it is all just a fancy way of selling you a one-off corporate entertainment activity if you have not understood that the true value of these sessions is something that is experienced over time.

What tends to happen with a myopic, cut-throat approach to these team building events is, that the customer has unrealistic expectations from the drum circle activity and the already over-committed service provider ends up having to over simplify or oversell the benefits of the session. This leads to a couple of outcomes:

  • The client writes off the activity as merely a one-off fun session
  • The client does not call the service provider back
  • The client generalises that all drum circle team building activities are the same
  • The service provider feels a (short-lived) sense of satisfaction on a “successful drum circle performance”
  • The service provider has to work twice as hard to convince others about the success and efficacy of such sessions
  • The service provider has actually contributed toward the negative publicity of group drumming for corporates.

A simple and effective way to put your money where your mouth is, is to offer a simple pre & post test analysis of your activity. And before you look for the first and most cost-effectively available self-rating scale on google, remember that, to get a significant conclusion or result, it is paramount to use a standardised psychometric test. This test will have to be something you are using as a result of a mutually agreed upon objective which is a byproduct of at least a meeting or two. A single intervention pre-test and post-test methodology might not be a very powerful way to conclude that your intervention worked but it is a first step in this direction.

This psychology theory basis is one of the major prerequisites of a Taal Inc Drum CIrcle Facilitator. So, when you are hiring Taal Inc. for your corporate team building needs, rest assured knowing that you are in the hands of well trained experts who will suggest the best possible fit for your team training needs. And if, after all this, you just want to have fun with your team using rhythm we will do that too and we promise not to over sell the benefits of a one-off drum circle to you.

May the drum serve you well!

Come. Drum. Be One