connecting deeply with the Djembe

A couple that drums together, stays together. If you don’t believe us, we have a very beautiful and soulful story to share with you. A story of a lovely couple that integrated playing the Djembe in their time together and had a deeply enriching experience while at it. Story of our amazing facilitator Neha and her husband Pratik and their tryst with the Djembe.

In Pratik’s words:

This lockdown was very special for me. And one of the reasons was playing musical instruments with Neha.

Especially because my reason to love playing the Djembe is because she loves and playing it together was one of the best ways to spend time doing things that your partner loves as well.

Secondly, I also felt that playing comes naturally to me when I play it with her.

While playing all those rhythms on the Djembe,I felt one with Neha and deeply connected as well. I’d always been curious to learn new things and what better way to do it with your loved one. Yes, so I mean I’m in love with it and I look forward to learning more and more new rhythms with her.

And to that, Neha goes on to say:

The second lock down has been special for me and Pratik both of us as we enjoyed doing a lot of things together and one of those things was a nice heavy workout in the evening followed by sitting in silence and meditating.

Meditating right after a workout felt much more intense and powerful as opposed to work-out or meditation being a standalone activity. One of these days Pratik suggested that we try playing the Djembe instead of the workout and we took out the drums and played for a while and made him want to learn and play some new rhythms, something he wanted to learn for a long time.

So we made it a point to drum regularly after that and added another beautiful and healing element to it, Sunset meditation, we would drum before the sunset and meditate at the sunset.

We just organically slipped into silence as we stopped drumming and loved it so much that we started doing this regularly as it had immensely positive effects on both of us and personally, after drumming the meditation felt way too different and powerful. We started noticing and enjoying what was happening internally and before we knew it, it became a routine.

The curiosity to see what each new day would bring with doing it regularly kept us motivated. There were days when we would just sit in silence and start playing our Djembes and the beats would just organically sync and that is something I remember quite vividly. The intense, organic and empowering feeling of just slipping into silence even inspired the poet into me and I ended up writing a few lines after that. I truly feel the entire credit for that goes to the Djembe, its powerful vibrations and all the other amazing effects one feels after playing it.

Now that we have felt these healing effects of playing the Djembe together, we would want to invite more friends to do this with us over a cup of coffee and then play it together and feel the powerful effects all together. To sum it up, I would like to give the credit to Djembe once again for giving us such a powerful and healing experience and making me get even closer to my partner and my best friend.

Honestly, we’ve not heard a more adorable story in a long time and the fact that it had Djembe in it and how it made two people come even closer in a lockdown fills our heart with joy and love. Have you experienced the magic of Djembe yet?

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator