The monthly Taal Inc. Community drum circle (which happens on the 3rd Sunday of each month) is not just about drumming or performing professionally but to listen, appreciate, enjoy, create and break the vicious monotonous cycles of daily life. This session was organised on the morning of 19th Jan 2020 in the beautiful venue of Pune’s well known ‘Monalisa Kalagram’ ; Koregaon Park. People from various parts of city gathered to experience drumming; Some regulars and some for the first time. As we all started drumming, initially some hesitated, some put forth there efforts to get acquainted with drums. Beyond all this everybody created there own rhythms and started enjoying the beats.

Drumming is a non-verbal, universal activity that builds upon a collectivistic aspect of diverse cultures and does not have the stigma of therapy. The activity is therapeutic nonetheless and the ease with which it facilitates catharsis, is what makes it so powerful as a tool for self expression and realisation. Drumming enhances social-emotional behavior. The whole group of people who didn’t know each other started looking at each other, connecting with themselves and making new friends. They smiled and shared positive feedback with one another. As the Taal Inc community drum circle progressed, everyone was lost in the rhythms and expressed themselves with wreck less abandon, through drumming.

After a while when everyone was actively listening (to sounds within and around) and drumming with a feeling of connection to the environment, some burst out into tears, some expressed through there facial expressions and some through powerful words.

There was indeed no barrier of age, caste, creed, profession, but only the joy and satisfaction evident in the people and in the surroundings. The same level of innocence, joy and presence was there on face of aged as well as toddlers. It was indeed a mesmerizing experience. The Taal Inc. Drumming Circle ended full of positive vibes and happy minds helping everyone to gear up for the energetic week which was to come up!

Recharge, refuel and restore with Taal Inc Community Drum Circles which happen on the 3rd Sunday of every month between 11am and 1pm at Monalisa Kalagram, Pune.

Taal Inc. Also organises Corporate Drum Circles for Team Building, Employee Engagement Sessions, Corporate Training Sessions for Motivation and Stress Reduction, Wedding Drum Circles, College Drum Circles, Creative Art Therapy and Kids In Rhythm Sessions or After School Programs. Check out their website to know more about the multitude of activities at this pioneering organisation.

Anuja Patil
Student of Taal Inc. Djembe Classes
Symbiosis Centre For Liberal Arts