An interactive ‘Show and Tell’ on Leadership, Motivation and Communication using Rhythm and principles of Ensemble Music Making

online team building session

What does the world look like to you post covid? To me, I sense a lot of fatigue as much as I sense a renewed inspiration. I notice a general anxiety, people dealing with mental health issues and uncertainty. I cannot help but witness how privileged I am in addition to many of the readers of this blog and how this pandemic has really affected a gross majority of people hailing from more economically difficult situations. How can we deal with these problems that are facing us today as we gradually step out and rebuild ourselves, our economy and society?

To me, the answer is the only way I know, I.E. Using rhythm and by focusing on community. It takes a tribe and even more so now. It is time we looked back at our lifestyles and changed our depleting and destructive ways. The future is about building connections, living sustainably and giving generously.

Deep within our collective cultural inheritance is an innate ability to be in sync with one another. And this is demonstrated in how we make music with people. Be it two people playing drums or a hundred piece orchestra perfectly synchronizing together, to ‘entrain’ (be together as one team) IS human nature.

Taal Inc. Drum Talks is an Online Session or (wherever possible) a Covid-Compliant In-Person Session. This session will draw from age old ensemble music making principles and make explicit some basic takeaways that will be tied in to very relevant behavioural competencies or concepts such as leadership, motivation, communication, team building or group cohesion, mutual trust and more.

We are aware that your group activities for employees are probably saturated with webinars and excessive amounts of screen time and hence we don’t want to be ‘yet another online session’ for your team building activity checklist. The Taal Inc. Drum Talks session will start with a short performance by our in-house band. Here’s where we will set the pace for the presentation to follow after. This presentation will draw examples from the performance and will invite the listener to experience the session objectives in a unique and simple manner.

The next step is where the fun begins. Each participant will already have a junk percussion instrument with them and will start interacting with me and the band to create in-the-moment-music! What will follow is a group-sharing and debrief of our collective experiences, tying in our learnings and insights on how we can access this part of ourselves more often in our day to day lives.

The team of expert facilitators, counsellors and psychologists at Taal Inc. are well equipped to administer psychometrics (conduct psychological tests) to gather valuable knowledge and information about the team based on various bahavioural and mental health parameters. This will help us steer the session to effectively drive home a pre decided objective or message.

I’m excited to share this session with you and your team and even build an ongoing learning plan for your employees to truly communicate the value of using arts as a positive change bringer.

The Earth without Art is just Eh! And today, as we pick up the pieces and take our next steps into a soon-to-be Covid-Free world, let’s not forget what brought us here and what we need to take us where we want to be. It’s a common NLP presupposition that we already have all the resources we need to deal with any issues we may face now or in the future. All we need to do is believe and reconnect with that part of ourselves. Let’s drum, sing, move and express ourselves using colour to get there… I promise you it’s a journey worth embarking on…

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Come. Drum. Be One.

Varun Venkit
Founder / Director: Taal Inc.