Agneya Chikte leading a Taal Inc. Corporate Team Engagement Activity

Have you been a part of a Taal Inc. Drum Circle experience yet? Well, if you haven’t, here’s a fun video for all of you to relive the fun filled memories and if you haven’t, you can experience the magic virtually and feel the healing effects of a facilitated group drumming experience. Here’s the video:

For the uninitiated, A Taal Inc. Drum Circle experience is a collaborative music making activity where 10,100 or sometimes even 1000 people play the drums together in a synchronised way which helps them refresh their mind, body and soul. In the video, Agneya, facilitates a Corporate Team Engagement Activity in Pune, and the participants can be seen experiencing the unadulterated joy that one can only feel in an activity like this. In this Team Building Activity, participants start with getting the first beat right and once they do, it fills them with confidence and excitement to do more and from there, we progress to playing some complicated rhythms led by a facilitator. Be it a Celebrate with Taal Inc. session or an Employee Engagement Activity, after reaching the level of playing rhythms together, each participant feels deeply connected to every other participant regardless of the size of the group. In our Corporate Drumming Sessions, we make sure to highlight the fact that how effortlessly the rhythm gets everyone on the same page and makes them work in harmony without any disagreement. It helps them understand the role of every single individual in any task they’re a part of and realise that if they do it together in synergy, no task is too difficult. 

Another fascinating aspect of a drum circle is its universal appeal. In this unique method of relieving stress, Anyone, and we mean it, anyone can come and play the drums. You may have played the drums earlier or you can be a newbie, you can be 5 years old or 55. We promise you that when you attend a Taal Inc. Drum Circle, you’ll go back home feeling like a professional drummer. 

So the next time you have a celebration at home or a corporate offsite, make sure you remember to call us for a Wedding Drum Circle or a Corporate Training Session through the medium of group drumming and co-creating music and we’ll make sure that you have an experience you’d want to revisit over and over again. 

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator