Taal Inc. Boomwhacker Sessions: Rhythm plus Melody

Do you think a bunch of big and small plastic tubes can create music? Do you think if a group of people came together holding these tubes will be able to derive melody out of these tubes? Let me tell you something, They can! Enter ‘Boomwhackers’. Not only do these lovely little tuned percussion tubes make music but they do so in the most melodious way possible. Boomwhackers are colour coded percussion instruments that are tuned to create beautiful sounding music in group settings which makes them a perfect instrument to be played in a group drumming session. Think of them as wind chimes but in the shape of colourful cylindrical tubes and when added with Drum Circle Rhythms, these tiny little instruments create a calming and healing sound.

We at Taal Inc. included Boomwhacker sessions in our arsenal years ago for a myriad of reasons. To begin with, these extremely lightweight instruments are easy to carry and we’ve created multiple games to distribute them among the participants and they all seem to love it. Secondly, they are very easy to play and in group settings, they fill the session with a variety of melodious sounds and to top it all, they have such a soothing and healing sound that it surely transports the participants to a serene mountain, sitting next to a stream and soaking in all the melodious vibrations.

We’ve facilitated these Boomwhacker sessions in a variety of settings including Corporate Training Sessions, Kids in Rhythm sessions and our Find Your Inner Rhythm workshops and while these instruments add a lovely melodious dimension to a Drum Circle, the sessions with only Boomwhackers have their own charm. Here’s a little throwback video for you to experience the magic of these beautiful instruments. We look forward to hearing from you to organise a Boomwhacker session for you and your team after this.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator