Drumming plus Expressive Arts for Corporate Wellbeing

2021! The year of rise. When the year began, our hopes of leaving behind Covid-19 rose with it and it did for a while seem like we were going to leave it behind but then came another rise, the rise of new covid cases in the second wave and with that came the rise of mental health issues and while individuals struggle with that, organisations are also seeing a rise in the mental health concerns of their employees which in turn gives rise to a pressing need in corporate setups, the presence of a mental health expert within the reach of all the employees. Let’s look a little deeper in that and see what a mental health counselor can bring on the table for the employees.

  • Ease Of Access: Having a mental health counselor within your reach is a blessing but many times, employees either don’t find time, motivation or resources to look for one. Having an expert counsellor within their reach can bring about a significant change in their mental health.
  • Create a safe, Non-judgemental Space: While many organisations focus on making their employees have great interpersonal relationships through Employee Engagement Activities and Team Building Events, sometimes it takes a while for the employees to really feel safe around their peers and having a counsellor can help them in that area by providing them a safe and non-judgemental space to express and understand their concerns.

  • Developing and Improving Coping Skills: Stress and anxiety is something everyone has but for some, it becomes overpowering and what really makes a difference there is the lack of the right coping skills and it can be a huge difference as that’s the only thing that helps people who don’t let their stress overpower their lives. A mental health professional is someone who is an expert in providing the right coping skills to the employees and it helps them deal with the overwhelming changes that the world is going through currently and otherwise as well.
  • Increased Productivity Among Employees: Having an in house mental health expert is as beneficial for employers as it is for the employees. It can result in increased productivity and employees being in the organisation for longer durations. Apart from organising Motivational Activities for Employees hiring a mental health expert can be a great move as it will help to gain the trust of the employees and make them feel cared for.

Pandemic or not, we at Taal Inc. are constantly evolving to provide Stress Reducing Activities and mental health services to you and your organisations and evolving further in the pandemic, we have come up with Organisational Mental Health Counselling: Support Services | Mental Health Consulting Services | Mental Health Counsellor Services for Corporates: A special program curated and offered by our in-house mental health expert and counsellor, Akshata Parekh for corporate setups to provide mental health services within the organisational setups through which we will be on call for your employees to reach out to us whenever in need and we will make sure their mental health is unaffected by what’s happening around them using tools like individual and group therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy counselor on call. Get in touch with us at the earliest to make sure your employees are happy, content and productive.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.