Discover Rhythm and Unity with Taal Inc. Drum Circles

*It has been researched and proven that when we drum with a group, the beats of the Drum, our own heartbeats and the heartbeats of everyone in the group comes together in sync and all the hearts are literally beating in the same rhythm. A truly unifying experience of being one with the instrument, our own inner rhythm and the beats of every heart in a circle. The experience is almost transcendental and yet very primordial, we’re inherently drawn to the sound of beating, after all, it was the first ever sound we heard as humans even before we came in physical form in the world, the sound of our mother’s heartbeat in the womb. That pretty much sums up why drumming has such a powerful and transformational impact on human mind and body.

Find Yourself again with a Taal Inc. Drum Circle

The celebrated persian poet, Rumi, has left behind a rather meaningful question for us which is, “And You, When will you take that long journey within yourself?”

One of the most effective ways to start that journey to our core is to try and achieve a state of ‘No Mind’ or what we commonly refer to as ‘Being in the moment’ (a FLOW state!) . It is a state where even the most regular of meditation practitioners take years of practice to get to but a Taal Inc. group drumming session, you get to see a glimpse of it in a matter of hours.

Communicate a message through a Taal Inc. Drum Circle

The experience of being in sync with everything around you paves the path for the journey to the core and self discovery. The healing, rhythmic beats of the drums with a group creates an atmosphere where it becomes a shared experience and that is the moment where one truly experiences the feeling of deep interconnectedness, love and oneness.

We’d like to invite you to Come, Drum with us and experience this magical feeling of oneness, or in other words, Come. Drum. Be One.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.