If you were to ask what is the perfect occasion to do a Taal Inc. Drum Circle, we’ll say literally any and every gathering that celebrates the coming together of people. If you were to ask what kind of people can take part in a Taal Inc. Drum Circle, We’ll say literally any and everyone who enjoys music and would like to feel their inner rhythm.
The video at the end of this article reinstates precisely everything said above. It’s a video from just one of our many eventful months, December 2019 and it highlights the diversity of people we’ve engaged with in just one month, notably:

Kids In Rhythm: These specially curated sessions are our rhythmic gift to the already gifted children. These sessions not only helps the kids learn music but also develops social bonding, improves motor skills and helps in the overall development of the brain.

Celebrate With Taal Inc.: Be it a festival, a birthday party, anniversary or a wedding, these sessions fit right in. With the enthralling combination of high energy beats, singing and dancing, A Celebrate With Taal Inc. session is just perfect for any and every celebration.

Corporate Training Sessions: Our corporate training sessions are designed after careful diagnostic based conversations with the team leaders to highlight and deliver specific learning and development objectives within the team and help them bond to make a motivated, creative and a productive team.

Here’s the video for you to see and experience it yourself and if you feel like you need a similar session (which we’re sure you will) for your gatherings and celebrations, give us a call on 7767862929 and we’ll take you to the fascinating world of rhythm.