Taal Inc. is a service organization. However, for the ease of consumption, I thought that this could be a good time to take you through all the various offerings of Taal Inc. Drum Circles. Taal Inc. is an entity that positively influences Health and Wellbeing using rhythm, music and the arts. So from this perspective, give us a group of people, any people, and we’ll get them drumming in a matter of minutes. Who are drum circles in India for? Everyone!

Taal Inc. Corporate Drum Circles: As the name suggests this is a drum circle activity for corporate events,  corporate drum circles at annual gatherings or team building events, drum circles for corporate training off sites, group drumming at corporate award ceremonies and so on.  

Taal Inc. Rhythmic Weddings: These are drum circles in India (or abroad) for weddings, Sangeet celebrations, Mehandi ceremonies. We’re up to the challenge of bringing your (current and future) family together in rhythm regardless of their level of musicianship or how well dressed they are. Wedding drum circles are a total blast and let’s you metaphorically (and sometimes literally) bring the house down, celebrating with the bang of a drum.

Celebrate With Taal Inc.: These are private drum circles or a drum circle activity for private, kitty party, family or community gatherings. This group drumming activity will help bring people from various generations and backgrounds together.

Taal Inc. College Drum Circles: College festivals are an absolute amazing place to drum. With large groups of students coming through at various times, we will bring a set amount of drums and instruments and stay for a predecided time window so that we can do multiple sessions and ensure that maximum participants get a chance to drum at the Taal Inc. drum circle activity.

Taal Inc. Community Drum Circles: This is the core of what we do. These are our monthly community drum circles that’s held on the fourth Sunday of every month at a venue in Pune. The session is open to one and all. Everyone is welcome. Instruments are provided and the session follows the gift economy principle. That is to say that the session is free and participants are encouraged to pay whatever they feel like at the end of the session. 

Taal Inc. Drum Talks: This is a very special corporate drum circle + corporate training module prepared by team Taal Inc., that uses rhythm, music and expressive arts to address a pre decided behavioural goal based on a discussion or needs analysis. The shortest possible duration would be 90 minutes and the longest, well, we’d never complain about planning and organising a longer session to help communicate the power and benefits of the arts. 

Taal Inc. Art Talks: Art Talks is a long term, multimodal and arts based intervention for special needs groups. Whether it is children on the autism spectrum, specially abled groups, at risk or marginalized groups Taal Inc. Art Talks aims to use Arts as medicine and facilitate positive change in certain pre-identified behavioural objectives such as stress reduction, confidence, motor coordination, communication, relaxation, motivation, attention span and so on… 

Taal Inc. Find Your Inner Rhythm: Find Your Inner Rhythm is either a 2 day workshop to experience the therapeutic benefits of group drumming (the drum circle activity)  or a week long intensive course (train the trainer program) to learn how to lead groups using rhythm and become a drum circle facilitator. The former takes place more often in the year and the latter is an annual course.

Taal Inc. School Of Rhythm: This is a school where you can learn drumming with Varun Venkit through one off workshops or one on one sessions. Varun’s latest educational drumming project is called ‘Mandingue Rhythms For Drumset’ where you can learn his interpretation of 11 traditional West African Dunun rhythms on the Drumkit.

Traditional West African Djembe Classes: Taal Inc. is India’s only school where you can learn the djembe in its traditional West African style. Varun Venkit is India’s only senior certified djembe teacher and represents Grandmaster Mamady Keita’s School – Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy in India. We have weekly group classes in Pune and workshops that are announced periodically all over the country. Learn djembe the traditional way with Varun Venkit and Taal Inc.

Taal Inc. Junior Djembe Classes: These are special group classes for kids and young adults (ages 9-15) to learn the djembe in a group setting. 

Taal Inc. Kids In Rhythm: Kids In Rhythm are specially designed sessions for kids between ages 3-5 & 6-8 years. These sessions use rhythm, movement and song to address the development needs of the participants according to their age. Drum, sing dance and be a kid in rhythm. 

Taal Inc. Junk Percussion Ensemble: Taal Inc. believes that rhythm is everywhere and in every thing. The Taal Inc. Junk Percussion Ensemble is a  band that creates music out of junk and fills the room with high energy music. This is a perfect way to kick-start the celebrations at your event. 

Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble: The Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble is India’s first traditional West African Percussion Band that comprises 4-7 artists on stage with djembes and dununs. The ensemble plays West African folk tunes and gets the audience on it’s feet wherever it goes. 

Taal Inc. & Friends: Our super-band. Taal Inc. & Friends is our latest musical pursuit. This is Varun’s brainchild and is a band that comprises some of the finest musicians in the country. The band plays traditional West African folk songs with a new jazz-funk voice. This is world music at its best 

These are some of the offerings that we are focussing on at the moment at Taal Inc. It maybe a lot to take in at one go but at the core is one belief that ties everything together and that is

Come. Drum. Be One. 
Varun Venkit