“We drum for peace, you, me, and all of us under the sun….
We drum for unity & harmony. Come. Drum. Be One.”
— Varun Venkit

On Saturday the 21st of September 2013, also World Peace Day, we invite you to stand up and contribute towards a world-wide campaign for global peace, unity and community by participating in the largest drum circle in India.

Come together in rhythm as drumming groups all over the world will gather and drum for the same cause. Imagine the power, the magnitude of energy that will be created when the whole world will emit positive vibrations at the same time for the same cause.

Let us bring India on the map of global peace. This is the date for all of us to have a drum circle all over the country to drum for peace and global unity starting in your own community.

Come, be a part of this magnanimous event like no other on the 21st of September 2013 in Pune at Cocoparra. Register now at www.taalinc.net/Cart-01


The largest drum circle in India and the world was a super success! With over 800 people attending , the energy at the venue was simply mind blowing. If you missed the event here is a short video compilation when TaalInc presented the largest drum circle in India and the world


Come. Drum. Be One