What does a safe space look like? What are the elements that contribute towards creating a space that focuses on mental wellbeing of individuals and makes it a place where healing is in abundance? I got to catch up with Akshata Parekh, an expressive arts therapy practitioner and a mental health professional about Taal Inc. Therapy Room, a space she played an essential role in its creation. We talked about the very inspirational purpose and the origin story and how safe spaces like therapy rooms play a key role in times like this pandemic and in general as well. What started as a conversation about the therapy room also ended up busting a myth or two on mental health. Catch our fun, insightful and informative conversation in the video below.

There cannot be enough words to sum up the importance of non-judgemental, inclusive and healing spaces like Taal Inc.Therapy Room. Be it a pandemic or life as usual, pressing signs of mental health issues or general anxiety, the most important takeaway I could get from this beautiful conversation was that therapy is for everyone and the taboo around it must be dealt with more sensitively. There are safe spaces like Taal Inc. Therapy room that uses conventional and innovative approach towards mental health and welcomes everyone in need of help with open arms. So, remember, the next time you feel the need to be heard, held or helped, Taal Inc. Therapy Room is there to listen.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator