Taal Inc. School Drum Circles

Drumming is a universal language and everyone regardless of their age,  gender or  backgrounds can feel its healing effects equally. For us at Taal Inc. every Drum Circle is one such magical experience and while we’ve drummed with over half a million people over the years and each drum circle is special to us, some drum circles, some unique groups stand out and we love to customise our sessions for these groups. Let me share a few very unique groups we’ve drummed with that gave us a little extra reason to smile.

Taal Inc. Drum Circles to Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary

Drumming With Senior Citizens: We always say that our drum circles are suitable for ‘Children’ of all age groups but when we actually see these granddads and grandmoms becoming children and revisiting their childhood by letting go of all inhibitions and surrendering to the rhythm in our Drum Circle Activities for Seniors it just fills our hearts with immense joy and gratitude for bringing smiles on their faces. 

Drumming With All Women Groups: Be it Women’s Day or just a kitty party, when 20,50 or 100 women come together for a Women’s Drumming Circle the energy is just over the roof. We at Taal Inc. have our amazing superwomen/facilitators who make sure when they’re facilitating a Women’s Drum Circle they bring out the best of these groups with singing, dancing and everything rhythm.

Taal Inc. Drum Circles for Women

Kids In Rhythm: If you think younger kids can’t play music instruments, you should see them in our Kids In Rhythm session. Here, they don’t just play music but also communicate with each other with this new language of beats and rhythm all while having a tonne of fun and developing motor skills, social skills and improving cognitive abilities because of the right brain stimulation.

Taal Inc. Drum Circles for Grandparents and Grandchildren

All these along with many other unique, specialised drum circles that we’ve facilitated makes it for a heartwarming memory lane and keeps us going, wanting to curate these customised, magical and healing experiences for you.. Yes you! 

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator