We have all heard of concepts such as ‘teamwork’, ‘expression’, and ‘EQ’ in passing and may be even using it in it daily communication… But have we ever truly felt this?

To answer this question list down the times you’ve engaged in an activity where you’ve simply forgotten about all else for that time…

Research calls this ‘being in a state of FLOW’ which is nothing but being 100% engrossed in all that you’re doing.

Drumming or being engrossed in Drum Circle Rhythms is one such activity.

Drumming in a group creates a forum to truly listen to one anothet because if not, you won’t be drumming with each other but AT each other.

While you’re drumming in a Djembe Circle, your conscious mind is occupied with a complex motor coordination activity and hence the subconscious mind starts being tapped into. This is our reservoir of latent potential… THIS is what we are awakening through drumming through various exercises that Taal Inc. has pioneered…

Given this background, think about it, where else will you have a safe and secure atmosphere to let go and express pent up frustration except in Drum Group? Where else will you be able to feel the energy of drumming with a hundred people and yet the calm pulse of your heartbeat? Where else will you feel emotions fully and unobtrusively without any impending thoughts but at a Taal Inc. Drum Circle?

Drumming is meditation, made easy…

Come. Drum. Be One.

benefits of drumming

benefits of drumming