The Largest Drum Circle in the World by Taal Inc. (Pune/India)

On the brink of this beautiful  event in 2013 I’d like to revisit the spirit of the largest drum circle in the world from the yeah before last.


It is a world-wide campaign where people all over, drumming enthusiasts from every corner of the world will be drumming with all kinds of Drum Circle Instruments on the 17th of September for peace, harmony, unity and community.

Taal Inc. is the flag bearer for the  Pune/India leg  of this campaign. We drum at Arc Asia on Saturday the 17th of September from 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

Having said all of this… What is the largest drum circle in the world really?

In all honesty,

It is a commitment; to ourselves to reach out to the depths of ones core to bring out the absolute best from within and be a part of creating the Best Drum Circle experience.

It is place of openness; where no matter who you are, what you do, how fat a salary package you bring back home every month, you can sit in silence with others and experience a glimpse of an energy that is so powerful, of which we are all stakeholders.

It is a reminder; to live in harmony with the world, to not hurt one another, to spread love, to share and to  not lie to one another for the sake of primary or secondary gain.

It is an opportunity; to materialize a dream of being carefree, unafraid of external judgement and actually live like nature intended us to live, like a child, full of curious questions and undying spiritual awareness.

It is a cry; to all those unaware and ignorant to open  their eyes, ears and beings to a greater cause, a greater moral police – the person they see each day in the mirror.

It  is a challenge; to each and every one of us to face our inner fears head-on and to stare it in the eye and say, ‘Yes. I believe in myself.’

It is a magnifying glass; to show everyone that the heart sees no borders, no religions, no colours, no caste, no war and knows no discrimination.

It is the ripple effect; of positive, peaceful vibrations.

In this spirit, regardless of the number of people we will have drumming with us this Saturday, I promise you the largest drum circle in the world.

Come. Drum. Be One.

Taal Inc.