Watching or listening to a group of drummers brings out feelings of excitement, curiosity and joy. Imagine a situation where you actually drum with your colleagues and coworkers therefore bringing out similar feelings of bonding and team building with your colleagues… This is what Team Taal Inc. is offering – Team building activities in Pune. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this if you had a chance? 

What comes to your mind when you think of drumming? Let us play a game of word association real quick. For me when I think of drum circles, I think of: joy, flow, being one, release, cardio workout, team bonding, building a connection with others who love rhythm and group drumming, corporate drumming and corporate team building activities in Pune. When we witness drum circles or drumming processions in festivals we tend to feel an uncontrollable urge to go toward that group and just be present. We snap our fingers, tap our feet, clap along and sometimes sing along as well. Who taught us this? Nobody. This is something that occurs very naturally. What Taal Inc. drum circles offer you is a result of us drawing upon years of research on the existence of traditional group drumming practices in our lives. This is what we bring to each of our team building sessions whether in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad or Kolkata.

By drumming together, we are creating an invisible yet very strong bond with our fellow participants. This symbiotic connection is built instantaneously and naturally. The goal is clear, we are all seated in a circle and are headed in the same direction – successfully creating and sustaining a group rhythm. This requires us to be fully present and aware of our role in the group. This gives rise to a feeling of belongingness and unity in the group. We are instantly a part of something larger than just ourselves. In addition to this, a group drumming activity needs us to contribute mindfully, listen intently and be present as to how our part can best serve the group. In a nutshell isn’t this the basis of healthy and precise communication in a team? We may not be using words but we are sharing a lot more about ourselves through the rhythmic notes we play. This also helps the team of psychologists and facilitators at Team Taal Inc. to get an insight into the behavioural output of the team just through pure observation of participants in a corporate drumming team building activity. Taal Inc. has successfully conducted and executed innumerable corporate team building events in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and more… 

Another unique aspect of this medium of work is the seating format. The phrase ‘Drum Circle’ has the word circle in it. This means, the whole team, regardless of job designation or hierarchy, is seated at the same level. Here, each one’s contribution affects that of the other knowingly or unknowingly. This brings out and puts to the test existing group dynamics, power dynamics, leadership strategies and already existing sub-groups. Through competitive  activities, group drumming will test the group’s collaboration skill. Participating in a new activity like group drumming removes the fear of judgement or failure which usually holds us back. In this way we’ve noticed participants being more actively present, communicating more freely (confidently) and faring much better at problem solving than they would have otherwise… After leading corporate drum circles for over 17 years now, we’ve concluded that it is human nature to function smoothly in a team. It is natural to be in sync. Hence constantly checking in to observe the quality of a team’s group rhythm will be hugely revelatory in terms of where the group stands at that moment. Once may be able to pretend, hold information back or put their best foot forward in other walks of life but in a corporate drumming team building activity, it is impossible. Participants elicit genuine responses and our facilitators at Taal Inc. are adept at catching such behaviour. 

So the next time you are looking to organise a drum circle at your office or team outing, remember to call a well qualified facilitator with a psychology background. This will help bridge the gap between this activity being perceived merely as a mode of entertainment vs a highly powerful corporate training tool. Get in touch with Taal Inc. with your requirements and we will be happy to share our ideas and rhythmic solutions with you. 

Pro tip: What’s better than just a one-off large-format drum circle? Ongoing (monthly) sessions with smaller groups where the session has a clear behavioural and training outcome. These sessions need to be observed and data needs to be collected regularly to document the progress of each session. Over time, these measurements will help toward drawing more scientific and significant findings or conclusions. This in turn will help credit the group drumming activity more accurately. Like in most fields, it’s easy to fall for the fluff of advertising and overselling of the benefits of group drumming. 

Watch this space to know more about these benefits, break myths and understand the medium of rhythm-based corporate team building activities  

Think drum circles? Think Taal Inc. 

Come. Drum. Be One. 

Varun Venkit