I’ve spoken about the difference between drum circles and drumming workshops in one of our earlier blog posts but for the purpose of this blog and for ease of understanding, I’ll be using the words drumming workshops and drum circles or group drumming sessions interchangeably. 

Corporate drumming workshops have been used more regularly and more effectively to serve as a medium of unleashing creativity and stress reduction at the workplace. Drumming, which can be a complex motor coordination activity, helps in stimulation of multiple cortices of the brain simultaneously. This  in turn helps to engage the whole being bringing the drummer / participant to the present moment or to the here and now. What are the benefits of being fully aware of the present moment? In a nutshell, this is the start of accessing a flow state. This helps us tap into a vast reservoir of potential within ourselves; one that we may or may not be consciously aware of. 

When we participate in an activity that helps us get into a flow state it is common to report a feeling of: (to name a few)

  • A sense of lightness
  • Being lost in the moment
  • Forgetting how much time has passed
  • Experiencing AHA moments or sudden realization
  • Finding a solution to a problem that was lurking in the back of our minds
  • A sense of calm or stillness
  • A sense of acceptance with one’s circumstance or ongoing problem state
  • A sense of motivation to do something or get out of a procrastinating state

Now, imagine the benefits of exposing your workforce to ongoing corporate drumming workshops… Wouldn’t that be something worth investing time, energy and money in? The expert team at Taal Inc. is well equipped to plan, design and execute a full fledged training module and research study (if the inclination exists with the client organization) to study the specific benefits of ongoing corporate group drumming workshops with respect to its effect on creativity and stress reduction in your organization. 

Corporate Drumming Workshops and Creativity: There have been a lot of research studies on creativity, the importance of creativity for problem-solving in the workplace and the environment setting, tools or activities needed to facilitate the flow of creativity in the workplace. Another area of particular interest of late has been the application of ‘play’ concepts (those we used to naturally emulate as we were children) and its connection to creativity and unleashing our full potential as adults in the workplace. Spending time in nature, focussing on the breath (yoga & meditative practices), indulging in art or playing a musical instrument feature at the top of this list when it comes to experiential art-based therapies or practices for holistic health and wellbeing. Participating in a corporate drum circle workshop will surely help spark some connections with the self, your drum and the group you are drumming with. Starting a new activity from scratch will put you in a new situation, with a new activity, with a new goal accompanied with an old group. This way you, as a group, will embark on a journey together. You go through the similar norming, forming, storming and performing stages as a group. Only difference is that you will have a new activity at hand. You may all be equally equipped at the activity or will have a new activity to tackle with the existing set of skills that you possess as a person. A group goal will be established mutually. Our task at hand will be to reach this goal in the best possible way we can while having fun (let’s not forget that this activity is inherently fun). Some of our existing habit patterns come out to the fore, we may be faced with situations where we will need to step out of our comfort zones and take on a role that we may have otherwise not taken. How does this happen? The answer lies in the fact that this activity is fun. This helps us keep our identities, our egos aside for the duration of the session. This is why the consequent learnings from a corporate training drumming workshop can hence have a longer-lasting effect than most other training activities. 

Corporate Drumming Workshops and Stress Reduction: One of the most noteworthy takeaways of a corporate drum circle or corporate drumming session is the feeling of lightness or release at the end of the session. This happens rather organically without consciously ‘willing’ it even. Just like an athlete may give their all as they approach the finish line the drummer may experience a similar catharsis during a rumble at the end of a long rhythm. Based on multiple reports of the same during our drumming circles, the silence that follows at the end of the effort can be very therapeutic. Stressors that we may be subconsciously held on to in our bodies have a potential vent due to this activity. This coupled with the affirmations toward the same goal have a strong effect in facilitating a relaxed state post a drumming workshop.

Do get in touch with us to understand the needs of your team or organization with respect to being able to build a corporate drumming workshop or drum circle plan that best fits the needs of your workforce. Let’s invest in the health and wellbeing of our teams. This investment will reap benefits that will ensure sustained and synergised growth for your team. 
Come. Drum. Be One. 
Varun Venkit