Taal Inc. Drum Circles Ahmedabad

It always brings us immense joy when our sessions make an impact on someone’s life and even more so when the same people remember what it made them feel and give us a chance to share it with the world. Something like that happened recently when a participant who attended a Drum Circle Activity with us, a corporate leader turned youtuber and content creator, Madhu Sagar invited Varun Venkit over for a hearty and insightful chat about all things Taal Inc.

After endearingly introducing Varun as the “Rhythm Badshah”, something that instantly put smile on our faces, she went on to start the conversation on a rather important note, the concept of universal rhythm and Varun couldn’t ask for a better topic to start off as he’s someone who has experienced rhythm in way that very few others have. He adds to the idea of the universal rhythm, reaffirming the fact that everything that has a rhythm, the universe has a rhythm and without rhythm, it’ll just be chaos or in Varun’s words, No rhythm,No life. Know rhythm, know life.

Taking the conversation further, Varun talks about the inspiration behind starting Taal Inc. and how Taal Inc. created a strong foundation for the Indian Drum Circle scene to bloom the way it is now by organising many Corporate Drumming Workshops and community drum circles and the intention to make more and more people experience how everyone can drum and feel the power of ‘Here and Now’ through rhythm.

Towards the end, she poses a very important question, The impact of drumming on mental health during the pandemic and life in general and they discuss about how combining psychology with music and rhythm is actually one of the core intentions and belief of Taal Inc. and how, pandemic or not, drumming can not only improve your mental health but also elevate it.

Catch the interview here:

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator