Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circles Lonavala

What do you picture when you hear the words, “Indian Weddings”? Coming together of two people, families bonding together, celebrations, music, dance,joy and connections everywhere. What a lovely heartwarming affair it is. 

Wait, it reminds of something else that has all of these elements and more, A Drum Circle! And that’s precisely why a Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circle is a perfect activity to include in one or many of your wedding celebrations. 

If we talk about which function will be best suited for a drum circle, well, the answer is quite obvious, the family’s very own talent show, the Sangeet and if you ask us, there’s no better way to enhance a Sangeet ceremony than having a Taal Inc. drum circle in the same but given the versatility and rather short duration of a Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circle, it can perfectly fit in between any ceremony and fill everyone with energy, rhythm and joy. 

Another unique aspect of a Taal Inc. Drum Circle is the customizability of the same. Be it a face off between the ladki vaale and the ladke vaale or welcoming of the bride and groom. A bachelorette with the bride’s best friends or an after party with the groom’s mates, A drum circle is sure to lift the spirits of any occasion. The accommodating nature of a Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circle also makes it easy for all the family members to take part and have fun regardless of their age so you can rest assured that all the Fufas and mamas will be happy along with all the nieces and nephews. 

Once everyone gathers and plays hundreds of drums together that in itself is quite an exhilarating experience but if you believe in your celebrations to be grand then a drum circle can also have additional musicians like dhol tasha experts and percussionists to make the experience a truly thrilling experience. 

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Here is a video to give you a glimpse of this beautiful experience

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator