stress reduction activities

Stress is (directly or indirectly) negatively affecting us all… especially due to our hectic schedules, always being ‘online’ and lack of work-life balance. Are you making time for your team to ensure long term holistic health and well-being through ongoing stress reduction activities and staff motivation sessions?

Those of you who have been in the business long enough, know by now that it’s not as much about what you do, but how you do it. We’re a part of one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and hence may not be able to catch the problem in time due to a sudden surge in convenience and (apparent) quality of life through tangible benefits. But a sure shot giveaway of the side effects is the increase in stress based illnesses, cases of burnout, depression, anxiety issues and more… That’s a heavy indirect price to pay for “success” according to common logic.

As a CEO, Team Leader or HR professional you will understand the importance of emphasising the well-being of your work force. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Workshops or ongoing Stress Reduction Activities at your workplace: Using various Art based modalities such as Group Drumming, Drum Circles, Visual Art, Drama and Story Circles, Expressive Art Therapy Sessions, Art Therapy Sessions, Creative Art Therapy Sessions, Art Based Therapy Sessions, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) Sessions, Yoga based activities, Meditation sessions, Mindfulness Sessions, we will conduct weekly, monthly workshops or ongoing sessions to spread awareness of ways to cope with daily stressors because prevention is far more effective than cure.
  • Let us be your Mental Health Team / Support System: By employing our team of mental health experts, counsellors or psychologists, we will assess (qualitatively through interviews, group discussions and quantitatively through psychometric testing, psychological testing) and provide you with a *holistic health quotient* for your team on an individual and/or group level. This will help you understand how healthy your time is and decide what kind of sessions or interventions to plan to tackle problems faced by the team.
  • Hobby Classes at your Company: Taking up a hobby or a creative activity helps us develop in an all round way, be more motivated and happy doing what we do. So investing an hour of work (which might mean 10 man hours on an average) may seem a lot prima facie but, isn’t it worth it when it leads to an increases productivity in the long run as measured by a predefined parameter such as increased speed of completion of tasks, reduced attrition, increased workplace happiness and group cohesiveness? We will be able to start drumming classes, singing classes, visual /fine art classes and also creative movement classes at your office. How are our classes different from any other organisation? Our teachers and facilitators all have a psychology background in addition to mastery in their art form. So when you commission Taal Inc., you can rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands.
  • Support Groups for Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Relationship Issues, Stress and more: Knowledge is power. Today we’re more aware of the importance of mental health issues and it is not uncommon for people to feel the need to express themselves and know that they are not alone. Regular support groups facilitated by a psychologist, counsellor or mental health professional will help give a voice to those who feel that don’t have one and are often shy to reach out for help for the fear of judgement or being ostracised from their social circle.
  • One on One Counselling Sessions with an Expert Psychologist on site: Once the group sessions have made their mark we would follow this up by providing a psychologist, counsellor or mental health professional to your company on a set day (or days) of the week to be available for 1 on 1 sessions for employees to reach out to on a regular basis.

What any and or all of these interventions will do is send a strong and clear message across the organisation. The message that YOU matter, your health and well being is our concern and you are not alone. This will make way for a healthy, happy and competent team with Taal Inc.’s art based interventions.

Come. Drum. Be One

Taal Inc.