The rain Gods have finally blessed us and on this occasion I’d like to introduce to you an extremely sweet and melodic personality. The sweetness of her voice is surpassed only by her smile, Yamini, our singer.

This is what she had to say…

Good things do happen.
My journey with Taal Inc.

I’ve been singing ever since I can remember. I won many competitions but then thought something was missing. I picked up a guitar and started to write my own music. Since I am from a defense background I was always on the move which restricted me from taking singing or guitar classes so I taught myself how to play and sing. I’ve moved a lot and met many people and heard so many different beautiful sounds. The world and all my experiences with so much travelling helped me compose. All my inspiration to compose my music came from nature and my experiences.

But nothing has been as exalting as being a part of a family that thrives for music and helping others. I was a part of several bands. I was first called by Varun around 2 years ago when Taal Inc. was about healing through the metaphor of the Djembe Drum Circle. But then we thought that bringing in melodies to all those beautiful rhythms would amount to much more beautiful music.

To be a part of a band and to be a part of Taal Inc. are two different poles.  Taal Inc is like a family. We are all a big fat happy family.

The work we do is not only healing for others but also for each one of us as well. Stress, angst, depression, any sort of negative energy is instantly taken away! It’s quite amazing. And to be a part of such an amazing family, I consider myself to be one of the very few lucky ones. To have such caring friends who look out for each other through every single walk of life. I feel blessed to be a part of this family.

The music we make is not only healing but also so diverse. We amalgamate all sorts of folk tunes with West-African style drumming. And that’s not all; we mix all sorts of different genres and sounds from all over the planet. Sounds you’ve never even heard of before. Starting with African, Indian, Japanese, Australian and some absolutely new sounds we create out of the blue ourselves. Adding flavours of the east and the west and all parts of the world to our music.

We hope to bring different parts, sections, diversities and people of the world closer by our music. The biggest reason I love Taal Inc. is because of this. It’s because of how our work brings so many different people together and helps heal with our therapeutic music.

I believe that the world comprises of positive and negative energies and when in a drum circle I can actually feel the positive vibes and energy all around me, engulfing me and expelling all the negativity out.

From the first gig I did with Taal Inc. I knew that this would be my family who I can count on always, for anything. The happiness I get by touring around the country spreading our music and healing people cannot be compared to anything. Not only has Taal Inc. made a huge difference to help people, made some new amazing therapeutic music and brought all kinds of different people together, but it has also helped me in so many ways. I am lucky to be a part of this family and I am a happier person today because of Taal Inc. 🙂

By Yamini Lavanian

Sing Sing Sing…

Come. Drum. Be One.

Taal Inc.