Corporate Team Buildingh Workshops by Taal Inc

We as a human race are in the middle of a global shift, a shift so major and drastic that it’s changing many old ways for generations to come and impacting individuals and organisations alike. We are adapting, making way for the new lifestyle changes to come. Corporations and industries have taken a big hit and are now looking for ways to smoothly implement these changes in the work culture and this is where corporate training programs, stress reduction sessions and workshops are going to play an essential role. These Motivational Activities For Employees and corporate training programs are going to act as a bridge for employees to get on the other side of the aftermath of this pandemic with motivation and a restored sense of positivity and productivity.

Now, To organise these workshops, there will be an increased need for experts in the field of designing and executing these corporate workshops (and corporate training programs) and this is where Taal Inc. fits perfectly in the equation. Along with years of experience in designing, customising and facilitating a wide range of workshops, training programs and one off group drumming events with corporates, The team of expert facilitators at Taal Inc. are also trained psychologists / counselors. This will help organisations deal with the implications of this pandemic on the  employees’ mental health. Some of the notable areas where Taal Inc. Employee Engagement Activities can make an impact and help organisations and employees cope with the after effects of Covid-19 are:

  • Taking care of the mental health of the employees: It’ll be extremely necessary for the organisations to take employees’ mental health into consideration and make it a norm in the work culture for the long run. Taal Inc. Team Engagement Activities have immense potential to work on various factors that impact mental health of the employees. The Stress Reducing Activities that we offer not only helps participants relax momentarily but also leaves a longer lasting impact making them want to make such activities a regular part of life.
  • Adapting to change: Let’s face it gracefully that now when companies are slowly getting back to normal, or let’s say to the New normal, Things are going to be different to say the least. The work culture, the office hours, meetings, targets and the general newness, all of it will have to be looked at with a new perspective shift. In a scenario like this, it’s going to be essential for the organisations to make sure that this transition doesn’t come with friction or resistance. Taal Inc. Team Building Events are designed with a lot of deliberate changes and can be customised to add more of those for the employees to learn experientially through group drumming, how to deal with changes as a team and go through the transition rather smoothly.
  • Maintaining a healthy Work-Life Balance: Working from home, flexible hours, mixed up schedules, family and work all at the same time makes it easy for employees to lose track of a healthy and required structure and maintain Work-Life Balance.  In a Taal Inc. Drum Workshop employees get to experience first hand the importance of learning with fun and of structure in chaos. It makes them realise the importance of having something along with work that keeps their creative juices flowing, make music, learn a new skill, build deeper connections with friends and family. All of these while engaging in an extremely fun and stress reducing group drumming activity. 
  • Rekindle old connections and build new ones: While on one hand, Technology has emerged as a saviour and the only tool to be able to maintain our social connections in these tough times, we’re also craving real connections out of our screens. A friendly hug, a warm smile, Sharing meals or going out for drinks. Building real and deep connections is one of the most natural byproducts of a Taal Inc. Group Drumming session. When 50, 100, or 800 people drum together, play the same beats and connect through rhythm, warm smiles and heartfelt eye contact, the real, deep and long term connections that are formed are unparalleled to any other activity.

In these new and strange times, the colleagues (new and old) need to become friends and the companies need to become families. It’s essential for organisations to take care of the happiness of their employees and help them in these tough times and emerge victorious together. We at Taal Inc. are committed to improve the mental health of your employees and help them learn and experience the new set of tools they’ll need to carve a space for themselves as individuals and as teams. Get in touch with us to organise a Corporate Drumming Workshop with us and give us a chance to do our bit.

Can’t wait to Drum with you again:

Aman Joshi

Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.