Learn How to Use ‘Rhythm’ With Groups to Bring About Positive Change | Become a ‘Taal Inc. Certified Find Your Inner Rhythm Facilitator’

What is this?

The Find Your Inner Rhythm: Intensive Course, is a certified program designed to teach you how to use rhythm with all kinds of groups to facilitate positive change. In case you are interested in taking up drum circle facilitation as a profession, this is your first step to a carefully and meticulously planned course that will not only ensure top quality drumming and facilitation techniques but also skills to enhance human potential.

Over the last five years, Taal Inc has trained more than 80 working professionals in this field in the country.
Based on:

  • A strong foundation of Psychology (Indian & Western), NLP, and Expressive Art Therapy principles
  • A collection of learning moments of over thirteen years of a team of facilitators

  • With the most experience on the practical application of theoretical principles learned to use in Employee Engagement Activities in Companies and other applications in the field of training and development this course is like none other in this field.

Any and all percussion instruments can be used in a Drum Circle. In our experience of drumming with groups from various backgrounds, we have realised that hand drums like Djembes, Congas, Bongos and Frame Drums along with bass drums, work as the best drum circle drums to use. Any instrument that involves gross motor movements as opposed to finer or more subtle movements will work better. Since you will be working with newbies and first-time drummers, drums that are louder will work better than softer instruments. The more experienced your group is, the more will you be able to experiment with a true mix of drums of all sizes and shapes.

Who Can Apply?

You can apply for the Facilitator Training if

You have attended at least one 2-day Find Your Inner Rhythm Workshop with Varun Venkit

This course is targeted at anyone who would like to express or learn something new about oneself through a hands-on and experiential way. Having said this, if you belong to one of the professions listed below, this intensive course is even more suited for YOU!

  • Corporate Trainers / Coaches

  • College & School Teachers (of all ages)

  • NLP Practitioners and Trainers

  • Social Workers

  • Students of Psychology

  • Counsellors and Healers

  • Therapists

  • Musicians

Benefits of Drumming in Groups

Your Teacher

The Taal Inc. Facilitator Training Program is a vision that your teacher, Varun Venkit, the Founder and Director of Taal Inc, envisaged as a means of spreading and creating a new wave of skilled facilitators able to use rhythm as a medium to bring about positive change.

Read more about Varun here.

What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is an activity where a group of people come together in a circle and, led by a facilitator, drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments.

In the words of the father of the modern day ‘Drum Circle’ movement, Arthur Hull: “Drum Circle participants express themselves collectively by using a chorus of tuned drums, percussion, and vocals to create a musical song together while having a great time.”

Who or What is a Drum Circle Facilitator?

A facilitator is someone who is a catalyst, someone who brings out the best in a group. Using group drumming as a medium, a facilitator helps bring about an outcome (such as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision.

Where all can I use a Drum Circle?

A drum circle can be organised in any situation where there are people bound with a common cause and there is an objective to be communicated. Group drumming has been used in corporate training settings, with special needs groups, kids, adolescents and even geriatric groups to communicate objectives such as teamwork, confidence, potential enhancement and stress-reduction to name a few.

Learn how to facilitate Drum Circles with Taal Inc.

Upcoming Course Details

Dates: 2nd and 8th June 2024
Venue: Artsphere, Pune
Timings: 10.00AM to 7.00PM

Taal Inc. Facilitator Training Course FAQs

This course is conducted annually. To know more information about an upcoming workshop, please visit our Facebook page