Aman Joshi: Drum Circle Facilitator: Team Taal Inc.

There’s a Harvard study that’s been going on for nearly 80 years. On the same group of volunteers. At all stages of their lives. It intends to find out one of the most commonly explored questions by humans.

‘What makes us happy?’  

Upon observing them closely as some became rich, some not so much. Some became successful in their endeavours and some didn’t. Got married, had children. Failed, fell, got up and moved on. Experienced life in its totality. What they found out about real happiness, was that most of these factors didn’t contribute majorly towards them being truly, consistently happy. What did in fact contribute to it were the people they shared all of it with. The Relationships, The Connections. And more importantly, the quality of those connections. Yes, Connection and community is good for us, Physically and Emotionally and even more so in strange times like this pandemic.

Being with or having a community fulfils some of the very primal and basic needs of us humans like the need for appreciation, sense of belonging, sharing happiness and grief, need for acknowledgement and acceptance, being seen, And it also has been proven to reduce anxiety,  and strengthen the immune system.

We at  Taal Inc. have acknowledged the importance of community and coming together long ago and the result was Taal Inc Community Drum Circles.  It’s an experience where group drumming is used as a primary tool to build a community. A community of people who meet once a month, make music together, share laughter and positivity and spread it elsewhere, butterfly effect. Through this simple yet marvelous And Stress Reducing Activity, we hope to not just introduce our community to a regular recreational music-making culture, but also to share the stress-busting, cathartic benefits that drumming and singing go hand-in-hand with. Along with all of the aforementioned outcomes in the community setup, it also happens to be a great Team Building and Stress Reducing Activity in the corporate setup. Sooner than later, we’ll get past this pandemic and life as we know it will be back on track, we’re optimistic, and when it does, we invite you to join us for our Community Drum Circles. You need not be a drummer or musician to be a part of our monthly sessions. If you have an instrument, bring it along else we will provide you with a drum/percussion instrument.

Before I sign off, I’d like to invite you to do a short exercise with me, grab a pen and paper or the notepad in your gadgets. I’d invite you now to Say/write a gratitude note with me for:

  • Your parents and your partners who are there to give you unconditional love.
  • Your friends who stand like pillars in your life to share your happiness and grief with you.
  • Your siblings for the love and grounding they selflessly shower you with.
  • Your neighbours, colleagues and extended community that gives you a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  • And everyone else you feel like thanking after reading this piece.

And do make sure in these trying times you :

  • Call 1 friend/relative every day.
  • Check on your parents every 2-3 days.
  • Write a letter to a long lost friend/relative.
  • Video call your folks and make music/sing/dance together.
  • Tell a friend/relative/partner how much you love them and how their presence lights up your life.
  • Write a detailed gratitude note in your diary for someone you never got to thank in your life.

In strange times like now, you might feel low, down and lonely sometimes and when you do, try to remember that there’s always someone praying for you, there’s always someone loving you. They can be visible or invisible, but they’re there and when you do remember them, don’t forget to express a heartfelt, ‘Thank You’ to them.

Counting days to drum with you again.

Aman Joshi

Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.