Covid Compliant Drum Circles for all Occasions with Taal Inc.

Today, as one of the strongest democracies in the world prepares for a new administration and works toward a better 2021 for every one, I thought it befitting to write about what we at Taal Inc. have in store for this year which we hope will be glorious.

Team Taal Inc. has continued it’s djembe classes in Pune but has taken it online and now has online djembe classes happening weekly. These drum classes are led by Aditya Gopalakrishnan. Additionally you can opt for one on one masterclasses with me (online djembe classes or in person drum classes as well). We have offerings for you to take up djembe hobby classes and also learn how to become an and internationally certified djembe teacher. (

The Taal Inc. Mental Health Counselling sessions or the Taal Inc. Therapy Room is now a virtual space where our team of expert psychologists, counsellors, mental health practitioners and expressive art therapy practitioners have moved their practice online. Since there has been an evident need for such outlets, we’ve been working double time through the pandemic.

As smaller group gatherings are now permitted, we’ve had the good fortune to drum at some wedding drum circles (what we call Taal Inc. Rhythmic Weddings) and corporate drum circles as well. The group size varies based on government regulations. Our drums are sanitized before and after the session. We’re seated comfortably apart from each other and are all wearing masks while drumming. Don’t worry, even though we can’t see you simple, the joy is palpable through the mask.

Taal Inc. Community Drum Circles: Monthly in Pune

Because of the ease with which we can sanitize them, we’ve shifted to use of *only* fibre djembes in our sessions. And since we’ve got a LOT of wooden #Djembes that we would use pre-pandemic, we decided that it would be best to sanitize them and then sell the ones that are in good condition to individuals, groups, schools and institutions through our djembe flash sale. Hit us up if you are interested in spreading joy through this unique gifting opportunity by giving drums to those who may not have had the chance to do so otherwise.

I’d like to make special mention to everyone in #Team #TaalInc. This includes our transport & logistics partners, our drum & bag makers, landlords, event management companies we have partnered with, our social media & SEO team, our facilitators, friends and families. As a company we’ve done our best through this period to ‘work with what our circumstances have given us’ and as the vaccination does it’s rounds, we will all gradually get back on our feet and all our patience will have paid off.

As we move forward, we will continue to drum with you and help spread the inherent joy of coming together in rhythm and celebrating oneness. In addition to this, I am very proud to announce the official launch of Taal Inc. & Friends. This is our superband that comprises some of the finest musicians in the country and plays West african folk tunes with a touch of Indian folk music, jazz and sometimes pop even. You can expect a new single to be live every two months streaming on all major platforms.

“2021, I welcome you with my feet firmly planted on the Earth, my arms wide open, my heart set on the horizon, my eyes fixed what lies ahead and with a groove in my mind!”

Come. Drum. Be One.
Varun Venkit
Founder / Director
Taal Inc.