Taal Inc. Group Drumming for Unity and Togetherness

There’s an old Chinese curse that says, “May you live in Interesting times. May you live in an interesting age. May you live in exciting times.” And these indeed are strange and interesting times, the most interesting that at least my generation has witnessed. Despite having science along with all the technological and medical advancements, all of humanity is kneeling down before an unknown, uninvited guest. But here’s the thing about human zeal, a Hindi word describes it best, it’s called ‘जिजीविषा’ which translates to the willingness to live and what all we as humans can achieve if we have enough of it. This unwanted guest will leave, we will make it, but when it does, things will change, there will be a new order, a new way of doing things and when that happens, the way we gather, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we practice music and art will also change.

While we’re all quite uncertain about how things will change in the long run, we at Taal Inc. have come up with something to make it happen for you in the near future, enter ‘Taal Inc. Social Distancing Drum Circles or Taal Inc. COVID Compliant Group Drumming’. It’s a unique Drum Circle experience we’ve designed keeping in mind all the necessary precautions while practicing social distancing. In this experience our Drum Circle Facilitator and the execution team will be entirely contactless with the participants, the drums will be sanitized pre and post each session and the chairs will be kept at the minimum distance of 2 meters from each other. These sessions can be done as a Team Building Activity post Coronavirus to boost morale, and give the team a much-needed energizer and a strong dose of positive energy and can be organized at any place where following these social distancing norms is possible like society campuses, gardens, office campuses or hotel banquets and open spaces. We have come up with this unique idea to make your group activities post COVID-19 a safe and enjoyable experience.

Once we’re past this pandemic, we as a human race will come out stronger and more evolved, that’s what we living beings do right? Evolve! Similarly, we at Taal Inc. are also constantly striving to evolve our methods and ways to do our Drum Circle sessions with you, your family and your colleagues and spread the joy and positivity one experiences while creating music with loved ones. Needless to say, the importance and need of these sessions where one can let their hair down, open up, let all the stress and anxiety dissolve in rhythm and beats of the drums will be much higher than earlier, and we at Taal Inc. are more than ready to tirelessly provide that experience to all of you in the best and safest ways possible.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. We shall drum with you again soon.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator