DjembeOfficially, 2018 marks the completion of 10 years for Taal Inc. And in April 2018, the holding company Taal Rhythmic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. completes 6 years. The coming year is very important to all of us as it marks the beginning of the second 5 year cycle.

The next 5 years are going to define who we become and what difference we make in this world. Having drummed with over 1,00,000 people till date, we have set a fair few benchmarks in setting up and running an innovative start-up that focused on human software in an age that is literally dedicated to technology. We experienced a lot of things in the past years. Some brought us joy and brought us closer, some gave us hope while some pushed us back and some almost broke us, but one thing can be said for sure – All those experiences made us stronger.

The foundation of Taal Inc is the made up of the incredible boys and girls with an amazing unifying force – Our passion to strive for what we love. We are a part of a very strong network of individuals and organisations that believe in shared value, and we want to bring that value to you. We want to understand you better, help you express yourself, and engage with others in fun and efficient ways.

2018 marks a beginning of our ‘One Team, One Direction’ initiative. We aspire to ‘Act’ more than ‘Speak’ and take decisive actions on our ideas and put them to work. We will redefine ‘Engagement’ and bring back art into people’s lives in every way we can.

In 2018, prepare to express yourselves in many more ways than you may have done till date. We will be making rhythms at your doorstep before you can say, “Haaaaaaaappy New Year!”
You will be seeing a lot more innovative engagement from all of us this coming year. To give you a sneak peek, here are some of the things in the pipeline right now:

1. #TeraMeraBeach : Our own Swacch Bharat initiative. We just chose to action out this incredible dream from a location we ourselves love the best – GOA ! The 3rd Location for Taal Inc after Pune and Mumbai. #TeraMeraBeach is a team initiative with VEAB, Drishti, Museum of Goa, Ministry of Tourism – Goa. We will be drumming with over 150 people per day for 150 days. We are looking at making a difference in the lives of crores of people walking down the beaches of North Goa and spreading a simple message – “Leave it like you want to see it. Don’t throw garbage, Bin it!”

2. New Innovations in Group Drumming : Taal Inc will be creating exciting new content for team engagement and team building activities. Some of the things in the pipeline include Antakshari, Dance, Story Telling, Games and a lot more.

3. BoomWhackers : These are Tuned Percussion Tubes which are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. They are used as musical instruments in the percussion family. As a team exercise, we provide a wide range of activities to engage and interact as a team. Boomwhacker sessions are introduced exclusively in Pune by Taal Inc.


4. Creative Movement Workshops for Team Building : As humans, we experience emotions and have the ability to access them through actions. Our trained facilitators will engage your teams by working on movement to access some of these fascinating mind and body connections to understand yourself and your colleagues better.


5. Explore a partnership with Pound Rockout. Workout. : What better way to keep fit than with a pair of drumsticks? We are currently exploring an association to bring this hardcore workout system to Pune and Mumbai.


We can’t wait to kick off this new year !

Janak Vadgama

Founder / Director | Taal Inc.