Director’s Note – Mar ’18

The Djembe: A goblet shaped instrument that hails from the western part of Africa. This drum is said to have originated in the 13th century and, since then, has gone through a lot of changes to develop into what it is today.   The raw materials required to make a djembe: hardwood (preferably hand carved […]

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Expressive arts enhance personal development.   Last year I slipped in the rain water and hurt my knee. Being a classical dancer, commitment was everything and so next day I performed and lost my balance and slipped again on stage. I had a huge cast on my left knee for three weeks after which I […]

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Facilitators & Teachers from around the world @ Taal Inc.

One of the best perks of being in this line of work has been the truly amazing people that I have had the good fortune of meeting, learning from and working with. My travels have taken me to some places that I would have never gotten to know had it not have been for the […]

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Creative Movement Therapy – Stress Relief through Dance

What really causes stress? Stress has become a major part of our life as the changing lifestyle of society demands us to be better than yesterday and others at any cost. Anything that causes pressure of any sorts, creating a negative impact, is stress. Stress affects mental and physical health. Movement (Dance) is everywhere! One […]

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Rhythm & Its Many Applications

Maybe this is a biased opinion, but very few things are universal equalizers… Being a part of this human race, what makes us unique is our tiny cultural differences and individuality. Having said this, a few simple things bring us all together… Nature, food, health and music (or if I may be even more precise…, […]

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Does Drumming Enhance Social Interaction?

How often do we have a conversation with someone in the office lift we don’t know that well? How often do we exchange smiles? How often are we not using our cell phones while walking? I was facilitating a drum circle in a company where I saw most of the individuals walk in the circle […]

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